Why choose Fusable instead of another safety and risk mitigation company

Why Fusable

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We are the only company in the world
with our unique, proprietary and proven software – Fusable.

True 360° Risk Identification

If you are not actively exploring and analysing all of your incident, cultural and observation data, then you don’t have true 360° oversight right now. Fusable’s simple solution ensures your ability to see even the most hidden of potential risks, and it’s proven.

Real Collaboration with Real Experts

We take safety seriously. While creating Fusable has been incredibly fun, our core capability is in bringing your data together with our safety and data experts, who orchestrate ‘data collisions’ in our software to unveil actionable insights.

Upfront Advice Without Fluff

Fusable exists to help make workplaces safer, so companies can better avoid accidents and deaths on every scale. Fusable’s data visualisations may sometimes highlight that a company needs to do some work on the reporting and recording front first, before analysing their deep data with Fusable, to mitigate their risk.

Yes – Fusable can even identify if your company’s current reporting practices are sufficient or not (an insurance company’s dream). In cases like this, we are honest and upfront, and may offer to assist your team to develop better practices overall.


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Safety Specialists

If you have worked in the safety arena for a while, it is likely you have met a few immature software companies touting their basic, uninteresting software. Those products merely massage your data into high level assumptions, failing to provide any real or reliable insight.

Without exaggerating, Fusable turns that old chestnut on its head, identifying risks you may never have considered before, but which could cost your company millions of dollars. We help give safety specialists a solid footing on which to plan risk mitigation.

Financial Leaders

Financial leaders and CFOs invariably seek out early positive return on investment from their organisation’s commercial partners – and rightly so.

Our team built our product with financial and operational return front of mind. We can deliver more accurate and deep insights around your company’s data than any other provider in market, and more cost effectively.

Project Managers

The Fusable software is not limited in its use to just whole-of-company situations, you can also use it to analyse high risk around any given project, or sub-business unit (SBU). We find that project managers often bear the weight of risk management in medium-sized enterprises. You don’t have to go it alone, just ask how we can help.

Insurance Underwriters

Fusable can potentially assist your clients to mitigate their risk, which in turns mitigates your own risk. Our software and process is designed to uncover even the most obscure, yet highly likely-to-occur, high risks in an organisation. Please allow us to share our case studies with you.