Fusable Pty Ltd FAQs Brisbane Australia


Common questions about Fusable

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  • How does Fusable protect your company’s data?

    We regard your data as strictly confidential. Our agreements understand the nature of safety data and its importance to your company. Fusable will work closely with your IT department to ensure the exchange of data matches your compliance obligations and risk profile.

  • What happens if Fusable doesn’t find any new risks in your data?

    Fusable uses new AI technology to gain deeper insights than traditional safety analytic tools are able to achieve. If no new risks are identified from your data, it confirms the validity of your current safety focus.
    We also ensure that the first stage is always about verifying the quality of your safety data, so that we can tailor solutions to suit your company’s needs.

  • What industries can use Fusable?

    Any industry can use Fusable. We work primarily with industries that have a large safety focus and lots of safety data. This typically includes industries such as Mining, Manufacturing, Logistics, Chemical Processing and Aviation.

  • Can Fusable assist us with improving your safety?

    Absolutely – Fusable exists to help make workplaces safer, so companies can better avoid accidents and fatalities on every scale.
    We will assist you with identifying risks from your existing safety data. We then work with safety experts to gain insights about managing those risks and deliver targeted safety intervention advice.

  • What type of safety experts will Fusable send to work with you?

    We contract experienced safety consultants to work directly with you and your safety team.