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Fusable, Australia

Like stars, data sometimes collides.
And the results can be magnificent.

  • Background

    Our visionary sister company Endellion Technology was founded in 2014, with a view to build new ways for companies to collide sets of text-based data sources, to uncover highly actionable insights.

    Fusable was created in 2018 after four years of building, testing and re-testing complex algorithms that now make it super simple for safety specialists to identify and act on previously unseen high risks within their organisation.

  • Machine Learning BI

    Having strong business intelligence analysis will always be critical to your organisation’s growth trajectory. Our safety and data experts built Fusable – our proprietary safety and risk platform – using both machine learning and natural language processing methods.

    This means that, by bringing together and analysing your organisation’s incident, cultural and observation data, Fusable can provide a significant competitive advantage in risk mitigation.

  • Next Gen Analysis

    Digital and data-based sentiment analysis has been around for decades. Fusable achieves much more than simple opinion analysis.

    Using artificial intelligence and massive libraries of data and language, Fusable digs deeply into text-based data sources to identify trends and pockets of high risk activities, behaviours and hazards within your organisation.

    For most organisations, doing this by hand manually is an impossible task, and those that attempt to invariably expose their analysis to various human biases. Fusable solves all of these problems, and more.

  • Australian-Owned

    While Fusable’s proprietary software has potential global applications in a variety of risk-laden sectors, we are a proudly Australian-owned company.

    It is exciting for us to work with impressive, innovative and forward-thinking companies in Australia and beyond, who really value the safety of their teams and other stakeholders. In the end, even your company’s bottom line will thank you.

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